Respect all staff and all the users
No spam or mass tag.
○ Don't ask for ranks. We will promote/demote if needed.
●Any sexual content (nudes) and advertising is an automatic ban.
○ No suicide talk in main except in sad room.
● Don't cause drama in main, take drama to pms.
○ This chat site is for users of the ages 12+.Anyone younger will be banned. And although we are not making an age limit pedos will be banned. This also includes lying about one's age.
● Users are to have 1 account only. If they they have two accounts it will be either deleted or you have to give a good reason for it
○ Posting any links, social media, phone numbers or anything alike is prohibited. People who do this are subject to an mute/kick. If continued a ban.
● Be weary of the language you use. Cussing isn't allowed, and will be given a mute for 5 minutes if they do cuss.
⊙ Only english should be spoken in the main room. All other languages can be spoken in pm. Violators of this room are subject to a room mute.
● False reporting is prohibited. Action will be taken on your own account for any false reporting.
○ Any reporting should be backed up by screenshots or any other evidence.
● Cat fishing is not allowed and will be given an automatic kick.
○ Only SA and higher can create their own rooms and change your names if needed.
● Invite as many users as possible for an active chat.
○ Be positive and make this a safe place for all
● No distributing personal information of yourself or others with or without permission.
○ No racism allowed.
● No repeatedly messaging someone who said you to stop